CSRD Electoral Area A Regional Trails Strategy

2017-2018: Columbia Shuswap Regional District Electoral Area A, BC

Project Description

Year: 2017-2018
Client: Columbia Shuswap Regional District
Location: CSRD Area A
Project Partners: LARCH Landscape Architecture

Selkirk and LARCH teamed up again to collaborate on developing a trails stategy for Golden and Area A in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. The project covers a total area of 13,735 square kilometers, and includes the Town of Golden, Blaeberry, Donald, Habart, Parson, Nicholson, Field and surrounding rural area. The project includes Kinbasket Lake, Columbia River, the Selkirk and Rocky Mountains and is in close proximity to all 5 of Canada’s Mountain National Parks. With a storied history and legacy of recreational activity, this area has a lot to offer for regional trail enthusiasts.

Motorized and non-motorized recreation and commercial user groups are growing rapidly in the area. This growth in combination with significant environmental and cultural resources speaks to the need for a trails strategy.

The strategy encompasses all user groups including motorized and non-motorized recreational activities, and paddle routes. An inventory of all the regional trails was completed and presented to the public for feedback in the spring of 2017. A trail classification was developed and used to classify existing trails for all user groups. Following this a needs assessment was completed incorporating best practices, and stakeholder and community input. These needs were mapped and assessed, and formed the prioritized recommendations within the plan.

Project Information

Client:Columbia Shuswap Regional District
Location:Golden & Electoral Area A, BC
Project Partners:LARCH
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