Harold Street North Conceptual Design Plan

2018: Slocan, BC

Project Description

SPD teamed up with LARCH to create the Village of Slocan Harold Street North Conceptual Design Plan in the summer of 2018. The project included 6 phases, a walking tour with stakeholders and residents to gather in-the-field feedback. The Conceptual Design Plan was informed by a thorough Urban Design Analysis that graphically analyzed existing Assets, Issues and Opportunities. The Conceptual Plan detailed phased implementation of the conceptual design to coincide with infrastructure improvements and anticipated future development. The plan included a high-level cost analysis that informed a future funding application.

The Conceptual Design Plan was presented to Council and the public at an Open House in late July. The plan was very well received and Village staff used the plan to apply for funding to begin implementation. The project had a 1 month timeline and we brought the project in on time and on budget.

Project Information

Client:Village of Slocan
Location:Slocan, BC
Project Partners:LARCH Landscape Architecture
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