Houston Downtown Revitalization Concept

2013: Houston, BC

Project Description

Selkirk Planning & Design was hired to create images that describe how a downtown revitalization plan could be implemented on Houston, BC’s main commercial street (9th Street). The project describes steps to take to encourage revitalization in 5 year increments. The first phase is implemented by the municipality by enhancing the street by planting street trees, installing benches, public art, and defining public plaza space. This quickly enhances the street and encourages local businesses to upgrade their buildings to complement this, and encouraged investment with new businesses and buildings (Phase 2). After 15 years the downtown area has seen significant infill and completed the streetscape (Phase 3). By the 20 year build out, further streetscape enhancements are done to create a pedestrian-friendly, attractive, walkable downtown plan.

The revitalization plan was built using initiatives from Houston’s Official Community Plan, and transportation strategies relating to the highway and access to downtown. The visualizations were presented to the public at an open house in November 2013.

Project Information

Client:District of Houston
Location:Houston, BC
Project Partners:None
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