1403 Victoria Road

Year: 2012-2013
Prepared For: ZAP Investment Corp. & the Department of Planning, Building & Bylaw Enforcement

Location: Revelstoke, BC
Project Partners: Chris Payne Graphic Design

The City of Revelstoke wanted to work with ZAP Investments Corp. to develop a long range plan that provided better pedestrian and vehicular access to the site, and reduced traffic impacts along Victoria Rd. The project focussed on developing four different long-range development scenarios, a short-term scenario that included a facade improvement and comprehensive sign plan. The City’s objectives were to create angled parking along Victoria Rd. to slow traffic and create a road connection from the back alley that runs to the site and provide access to the site and Victoria Rd. Phase 1 of the development was brought through formally as a Development Permit Application in the summer of 2013.

In 2013, ZAP asked Selkirk Planning & Design to help with a second design that looked to redevelop the site as a series of fully-serviced accommodation suites.  Signage and a new colour scheme were developed to create a bold, eye-catching design in line with ZAP’s target market.

The project will be started in the spring of 2016.