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Project Partners: (team member) with Mountain Labyrinths Inc., HB Lanarc,  & George Penfold
Client: City of Revelstoke
Year: 2012-2013

Revelstoke’s ICSP consisted of three documents that focussed on economic, social and environmental sustainability. Informing the documents was a community survey with almost 800 respondents and several public engagement activities. The first document set the framework for sustainability in Revelstoke, the second assessed what the community is currently doing well, and the third highlighted gaps. The document reviewed over 30 City & Community Plans produced between 2006-2012 and summarized the goals and actions listed in every plan. From this a master list of actions was developed and those that were complete or in progress were recorded. Those that were incomplete along with updated actions were presented to the community for input on how they should be prioritized. The Action Plan is a prioritized action list the community should follow in order to increase their resilience and sustainability.

This plan was adopted by council in July 2013.